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Dreamies Cat Treats

Are Dreamies cat treats good for cats? Although advertised as low-calorie, Dreamies aren't particularly healthy for your cat and should absolutely be used in moderation. They make a great reward for good behaviour or successfully teaching your cat a new trick, but overuse of these can actually contribute to your cat becoming fussy over food.How many Dreamies can you give a cat a day? 20 DREAMIES Adult cats can have up to 20 DREAMIESβ„’ treats per day and the recommendation for kittens is up to 6 treats a day . For DREAMIES(β„’) Creamy treats, it's recommended to feed up to 1 sachet per day, which applies to adult cats and kittens.Why do cats love Dreamies? Image result for dreamies cat treats As beef-based treats, it's no surprise cats are attracted to the meaty smell and taste of these treats. Many cats also love Dreamies because they're high in fat. Studies suggest cats have taste receptors that naturally detect fat, which is why your kitty is commonly attracted to things like milk and cream too.

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