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Happy Cat

Happy Cat Cat Food

Only a healthy cat is a happy cat. So we produce our natural cat food to the best Made in Germany quality to keep your feline friend feeling fine. Should I give my cat wet or dry food? Many cat owners ask this question, not least because cats are more prone to urinary tract disorders than other pets, and it is especially important to ensure an adequate fluid intake to avoid them. Here you will find out what to consider when feeding dry food. As a (future) cat owner, you want to make the right decision every day and spoil your cat with only the best ingredients. So you shouldn’t just leave the choice of the right cat food to chance. The choice of cat food is almost limitless, so it really isn’t that simple for cat owners. Our Happy Cat Service Center is there to help you find the right high-quality cat food. We place considerable emphasis on using varied protein sources to produce foods that are as balanced as possible with the best proteins and amino acids.

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