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Brit Food For Cats & Dogs
Is Brit good for dogs?
They are highly recommended by veterinarians because aside from having a variety of flavors, they also make wholesome treats that pups can enjoy all the way. Some of the flavor options include chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, and duck. Brit Dog Food contains high-quality ingredients that are easy for your dog to digest.
Who owns Brit pet food?
VAFO GROUP is a leading producer of premium pet food, pet snack, and supplements.
Where is Brit Care dog food from?
Family-Owned Pet Food Producer from the Czech Republic.
Is Brit cat food okay?
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Brit is one of the most reputable and well-known cat food brands in the market. In premium and extra premium recipes, they employ freshly cooked deboned chicken or fish. They also avoid using soy, hazardous components, GMOs, and other harmful ingredients in their products.
What are the ingredients in Brit?
Composition: 41 % chicken, liver, 4 % rice, 2 % pea flour, 1 % lignocellulose. Analytical ingredients: crude protein 11%, crude fat 4%, crude ash 2%, moisture 78%, crude fibers 0.5%, calcium 0.4%, phosphorus 0.3%, sodium 0.2%.
Is Brit wet food good?
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Yes, we do think that Brit cat foods are good foods, in general. Brit Care and Brit Premium foods, in particular, look like they have very good formulas. That includes their wet and dry foods. We do note that Brit is made by a very large company in Europe so they seem to have a range of foods.

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