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Is Josera good for cats?

JOSERA Kitten is a high-energy, easily digestible and particularly tasty feed for growing cats. Complete feed for pregnant, nursing and growing cats.

What country is Josera cat food from?
Josera – Super Premium Petfood Made in Germany. With Josera you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class petfood, we can look back at over 80 years of experience and expertise.

Is Josera cat food grain-free?
JOSERA NatureCat is a true pleasure for all adventurers. Grainfree and with an extra serving of delicious poultry and salmon. Complete feed for adult cats.

What age is josera kitten for?
Josera Kitten is designed to offer young cats up to the age of 12 months all they need for health and development. A balanced fat content combines with plenty of animal protein from poultry to support optimum growth.

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