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Nutrican Dog Food

What is the composition of Nutrican?
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein 24,0%, fat content 13,0%, moisture 10,0%, crude ash 6,0 %, crude fibre 3,0%, calcium 1,2 %, phosphorus 0,9 %, sodium 0,1 %.

How do you use Nutrican?
Nutrican can be taken orally or administered via a nasogastric tube.
  1. Oral feeding: gradually add 5 level scoops of Nutrican (+ 81 gram) into a 200 ml warmed water and mix until dissolve. …
  2. Tube feeding: Follow physician’s instructor.
  3. Not intended to be used for parenteral administration.
    Soya chunks have higher protein than milk, eggs and meat. A high protein diet supports muscle gain, promotes weight loss, keeps your bones strong and stabilizes blood sugar.
    Nutrican Dog Food

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