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Remu Pets Care Products For Cats & Dogs

Is Remu shampoo good for cats?
Remu Luxury Perfumed Cat Shampoo is just as important for kittens as it is for humans. Shampoo for kittens keeps the coat and skin of your pet clean and healthy. It protects their skin from harmful parasites and contains a conditioner for the cat’s coat. Make bathing a pleasurable experience.

Which pet related brands have you heard of?
Mars Pet, Inc.
Pedigree, Chappi, Cesar, Nutro, Pal, Frolic, Greenies, and Royal Canin are a few of the many dog and pet foods they produce. And…they also make confectionaries, food, drinks, and even gum (Wrigleys).

What is good to wash cats with?
A large plastic bucket, sink or bath (lined with a non-slip floor mat) to use as a cat bath. Specialist cat or kitten shampoo. Find a mild all-rounder with no harsh chemicals or perfumes. Never use human shampoo, as it’s unsuitable for cat hair and skin due to the difference in pH levels.

Can I use Sunsilk shampoo on my cat?
While a baby shampoo can be gentle and not as harsh as a regular human shampoo it’s still not made for cats. Bathing your cat with baby shampoo will most likely disrupt the pH balance and the acid mantle, which is a thin layer on the skin that discourages contamination by viruses and bacteria and maintains hydration.

Remu Pets Care Products For Cats & Dogs

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