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In the United States, you’ll find Royal Canin associates hard at work at our headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri, in our manufacturing facilities in Missouri and South Dakota and in offices all across the country.
All of the pet food we distribute and sell in the U.S. is made in company-owned plants.
Royal Canin specialises in highly tailored nutritional products for your cat or dog’s needs.
We make dry kibble, wet food, and veterinary diets.
Since 1968, Royal Canin have studied the unique health needs of cats and dogs in the minutest of detail.Royal Canin Food For Cats & Dogs. Over that time,
Royal Canin have learnt that the smallest nutritional difference can make a huge difference to your pet’s life and health.
Royal Canin always put the needs of pets first.
That gives us a clear focus that steers our research, underpins the nutritional quality of all our products, and helps cats and dogs live longer, healthier lives.
Complete range of ROYAL CANIN cat food and dog food in Pakistan. drprotector also offers the best prices for Royal Canin Cat Food and Royal Canin Dog Food.
Royal Canin Food For Cats & Dogs
Do vets recommend Royal Canin?
Both Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet have been trusted by veterinary professionals for decades. They are science-based companies that have spent more money on making optimal, healthy dog food, skipping all of the media marketing and internet hype.
What is special about Royal Canin?
The food contains a good range of B vitamins, such as niacin, biotin, and riboflavin.
It also contains minerals like zinc proteinate and zinc oxide. These nutrients and minerals are great for your dog’s overall health.

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