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Dog Beds and Houses

Where is the best place for a dog house?
Sun and shade
Even in cooler climates and with proper ventilation, your dog house will heat up quickly in direct sunlight. To figure out where the sun and shade are in your yard, take a Saturday afternoon when you’re home all day, and periodically go outside and see where the sunny and shady spots are.

Are dog houses good for dogs?
They provide enough room for the dog to fully stand up, move around and even have access to dog food and water. They are elevated above the ground to provide ventilation during hot weather and to avoid the floor from getting too cold during winter. Speaking of ventilation, a good dog house has a good ventilation.
How do I choose a dog house?
Things to Consider When Looking for a Dog House
Think about where the dog house can fit comfortably in your backyard. You don’t want to put it in a place where there is a lot of moisture. Keep the dog house raised off the ground to help control the temperature.

Dog Beds and Houses

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