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Dog Veterinary Diets

What is a veterinary diet for dogs?
Veterinary diets are recommended and formulated specifically to aid in the management of certain conditions in cats and dogs, such as ageing and stiff joints, skin or digestive sensitivity.

What is a veterinary diet?
Veterinary therapeutic diets are used to manage a variety of health related issues and diseases in cats and dogs. They are available through veterinarians and made to be fed under their supervision because of one or more variations in nutrient content from typical balanced diets.

What is the primary diet of a dog?
Dogs are carnivores and the primary component of their diet is prey. This could be small animals – mice, voles, rabbits, birds, insects and so forth – or it could be larger prey caught with the help of a pack. Either way, they eat everything – the internal organs, the meat, the bones… the lot.

Dog Veterinary Diets

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