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Sheba Cat Food

Is Sheba okay for cats? Healthy, nutrient-rich foods made with premium ingredients — like those offered in SHEBA® products — provide the optimal amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals your cat needs. They already know they deserve the best; that's why you serve SHEBA®.Is Sheba cat food safe for kittens? Made with the goodness of high-quality ingredients, Sheba Premium Cat Food is the ideal choice for the royalty that your kitten is. Dry cat food, on the other hand, is an easier option to go for.Why is Sheba discontinued? Image result for sheba cat food Sourcing raw ingredients — especially meat — has grown increasingly difficult through the pandemic. Given our commitment to utilizing only the highest quality, sustainably sourced fish (shameless plug for SHEBA® Hope Grows), production has slowed. In simpler terms, no meat = no SHEBA®.

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