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Pet Snacks Creamy Treat Tube 90g

Pet Snacks Creamy Treat Tube 90g

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Nunbell Square Shaped Button Slicker Brush

 850 900
Nunbell Square Shaped Button Slicker Brush

Nunbell Pet Slicker Brush

 510 700

Functions & Usage :
* Removes loose hair, prevents dead hair floating hair stick to agglomerate.
* Combing, daily combing to make the skin breathable, preventing pests and parasites from multiplying.
* Removes excess sebum and enjoy dry and healthy skin.

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– The ultimate grooming tool for your beloved pet! Nunbells high-quality slicker brush is designed to effortlessly remove loose fur, matts, and tangles, leaving your pet’s coat looking sleek, shiny and well-groomed. The fine, short wires on the brush gently reach through the topcoat to untangle and makes the undercoat smooth. With a comfortable grip handle and durable design, the Numbell Slicker Brush ensures a pleasant grooming experience for both you and your furry friend. Make grooming a breeze and enhance your pet’s well-being with the precision and care of Numbell’s Slicker Brush.


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